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"For us choosing an architect was as much a personal decision as it was a professional decision. We were looking, of course, for creative and talented architects. But equally important to us was finding someone with whom we could develop a mutual respect and ultimately a close personal relationship. We found that rare combination with Orlando.  

Orlando was incredibly creative throughout our process. Yet at the same time he listened to our opinions and respected our input (no matter how schizophrenic it was at times). He immersed himself into our project, spending hours at a time asking questions, eliciting opinions and offering thoughtful advice. Indeed Orlando's greatest attribute was his ability to "get" us and all our idiosyncrasies and balance that with his own creative inputs. In fact, I was convinced at times Orlando understood us better than even we did. On more than one occasion Orlando made a design suggestion and patiently indulged us while we dragged him through 3 or 4 design iterations only to arrive right back at his original suggestion!

In short, we highly recommend Orlando to anyone looking for an architect with great creative and design talent. And double that recommendation for anyone who would also like to work with a passionate, thoughtful and patient counsel."  

- Joel & Kristin R.



The project goal was to incorporate the existing historical cabin on the property into the expanded program and create a permanent residence on the site.  A new structure was built that housed traditional amenities and the cabin was transformed into an entertaining space with a guest bed and bath.  The garage was rebuilt on it's existing footprint that includes guest bed and bath on the second level. (project designed and completed at a former employer)


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